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Our primary service is in the form of providing training and academic courses in direction. We conduct customized tours and visits to make the students' experience the feel closely. We offer 100% Placement oriented courses in FILM DIRECTION.

Glitters Film Academy is one of Hyderabad leading schools providing practical training in the core disciplines of filmmaking. The Academy accelerated programs, its world-class facilities draw students from all over the globe bent on converting a long-held passion for film into a life-time profession. Glitters Film Academy trains students to become film professionals. This is accomplished through implementing a praxis-heavy curriculum integrated with theory and analysis in the classroom.

WHY STUDY AT Glitters Film Academy

One would be hard-pressed to find a program that provides as much practical exposure to filmmaking. More than 100 films are shot per year in Tollywood (Hyderabad Telugu Film Industry) and students during the Course participate at least in one film. The operating principle of Glitters Film Academy is training, and we believe as with instruments or with languages, the only way to develop fluency is to practice.

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    High-end facilities:

    Glitters Film Academy is well-stocked with the latest cutting-edge equipment used in professional film productions. Students have immediate access to the school's fleet of cameras, Canon and Sony high definition cameras, in addition to high-end lighting, sound and grip.

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    The type of student who chooses Glitters Film Academy comes to us because he or she has essentially only one year in terms of time or financial resources to cross from where he or she is in life at the moment into the world of professional filmmaking. We then have only six months to bring these students to a level of competence where they can operate professionally. As such the program is highly squeezed.

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    Most students at our school have completed undergraduate studies and see their time at film school as a cherished chance to wed their deep interests with a vocation. As such, the administration treats all students as responsible adults and trusts students to take full responsibility for their studies. The school does not interfere with students’ artistic choices.


Each stage of the process is developed under the supervision of the faculty whose courses cover theoretical and technical topics aimed at deepening knowledge and honing technical skills. The Three Month program is divided into two semesters. First semester, each student completes foundation courses in screenwriting, directing, and editing. Students also enroll in two elective courses while receiving additional training in sound, lighting, camera movement and grip. Practical exercises are integrated into the curriculum and each student directs 2 Short films. During the second semester, students specialize in one or two areas of their choice. Each specialization has its own curriculum. As part of the specializations, each student writes and directs 2 to 3 Short films.


First Semester duration: 8 weeks
The first semester curriculum of narrative film-making program covers foundation courses including screenwriting, directing, and editing, in addition to a number of other subjects which can be taken as electives (see below).

  • 1. Foundation Courses (obligatory) Screenwriting Course
    Directing Course
    Editing Course
  • 2. Production Workflow (obligatory)
    Operation of film-making equipment (camera, lighting and sound systems)
    Crew production protocol
    Sound production (recording, mixing, design)
    Grip equipment (camera support systems)
  • 3. Elective/Specialization Courses (each student takes 2 courses)
    Acting Styles
    Arri & RED Cameras
    Directing Actors
    Directing the Camera
    Documentary Theory and History
    Film Industry
    Film Comedy
    Film Analysis
    Photography for Cinematography
    Post-production effects
    Post-production workflow
    Screenwriting Adaptations
    Screenwriting Across Genres
    Screenwriting Feature Film


Second Semester duration: 7 weeks
Second semester, students are encouraged to specialize in one or two of the core disciplines covered the first semester. Each specialization entails a group or courses which must be taken in order to successfully complete the course.

The specializations and the required classes are as follows:
  • 1. Screenwriting Specialization
    Screenwriting Feature
    Screenwriting Adaptations
    Film Industry Business
    Film Analysis
  • 2. Directing Specialization Directing Workshop
    Directing Music Videos and Commercials
    Directing Actors
    Documentary and Fiction Film Practicum
    Screenwriting Diploma Films
    Editing Workshop
    Diploma Film, Directing
  • 3. Editing Specialization
    Editing Workshop
    Editing Techniques:
    Commercials / Music Videos / Movie Trailers Advanced Editing Theory
    Post-Production Workflow
    Computer Animation

Diploma in Film Studies: Duration: 06 months
Seats: 10

The Academy offers programmes which are professionally designed to cover the minute details of each trade and to meet the industry standards. The regular Diploma programmes are vocational multi-disciplinary courses. Regular classes are scheduled on weekdays between 2.00 PM and 8.00 PM. Admissions are conducted after screening the applicants through an aptitude test and a competitive interview. The classes cover all the essential aspects of filmmaking; involved in Pre-production; research, script writing, sound design, pitching, casting, crewing, scheduling, production management and design through to Production; locations, set building, blocking, directing actors, lighting, filming, recording and then on to Post-production; editing, dubbing, re recording, sound mixing, distribution, content management and marketing.

6 Months Teaching Programme/5Days in a week Topics to Be Covered


  • Foundation course in Acting
  • Art of Film Direction & Introduction
  • Plot/Theme & Story Point
  • Story Synopsis
  • Actor & Acting Skills
  • Pre Production/ Story-Construction
  • Screen Play
  • Treatment
  • Short Film Documentary/Tele Serial
  • Characterisation
  • Direction Skills
  • Technical Crew
  • Artist Selections
  • Files & Records
  • Scenic one Line Order
  • Dialogues /Script writing
  • Story Board

Guest Faculty/Marketing/In film Branding/ Distribution and exhibition / corporate film making/Publicity and poster designing & Film Festivals.

The academy provides all the technical and financial support required for the student diploma projects.


  • Computer Graphic Shots
  • Budget Planning
  • Costumes
  • Makeup
  • Art Direction
  • Cinematography Theory
  • Music Direction Songs
  • Animation Film Making


  • Production / Shooting Part
  • Schedule Planning
  • Shot Division & Camera Angles
  • Continuity of Action & Costumes
  • Clap Board Purpose
  • Editing Report & Daily Programme
  • Direction Skills & Grammar
  • Sound Techniques
  • Editing Techniques
  • Censor Board Application & Certificate
  • Promotion Theatre Trailer & 1st Copy

Admissions & Fees

. Applicants must submit a portfolio of at least one creative writing pieces, which may include any of the following:

  • Short stories (no more than two pages)
  • Opinion articles (no more than two pages)
  • Short film/sketch scripts (no more than five pages)

Applicants are encouraged to submit more than two portfolio samples or to supplement their portfolio with other items they feel are appropriate to their application. Please note that submitted material will not be returned.

Tuition Fee

Note: Content may vary slightly among individual classes.
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The GLITTERS Film Academy was founded by DEEPAK BALDEV a decade ago on the route philosophy of “learn to create”, GLITTERS Film Academy is a combination of best industry practices and valuable theoretical study for film makers and actors.

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