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Film Execution
Glitters Entertainments a syndication for Film Project Execution to cater to the needs of Telugu film industry

The challenge (problem)
  • The pain point is that most of the talented writers and directors have limited access to investors.
  • Most of them lack the skill set to professionally approach an investor.
  • Similarly the corporate/ investors have limited staff and time to cater to all the budding talent in the market. Thereby missing out on promising fresh talent and scripts.
  • Corporate/ investors usually trust the big names and big banners to get things done easily, but they lose heavily when a film bombs at the box office.
The solution
  • Glitters Entertainments will bridge the gap between the corporate /investors and the budding talent.
  • Glitters Entertainments will have a dedicated corporate office with infrastructure and native creative team in place.
  • The company will pool in good talent and scripts. Thereby cutting the leg work of the corporate/Investors.
  • Glitters Entertainments will execute the entire film till the first copy.
  • More quality small budget films will be made, thereby increasing the strike rate.
Business module

  • Glitters Entertainments will pool in talent and the script to make a film (till the first copy).
  • The corporate/investors pumps in money, which includes the service charges.
  • Glitters Entertainments executes the entire project.
  • The corporate exploits all revenues from the film.

The secret saws
  • Over fifteen years of hands on experience in celebrity management, casting, training and production.
  • The corporate/investors set up and native teams stand an edge over competitors.
  • For us script is the hero
  • We have contracts with stalwarts of the Telugu industry to study and doctor the script
  • Our team of script doctors: Sukumar, Chandra Siddhartha,Madhan,Deva Katta and Ramana Mogali to name few
Marketing and sales
  • Attending content markets and film festivals for trading scripts.
  • Participating and organizing film events and exhibitions for networking.
  • Participating and organizing networking parties.
  • Paid articles and stories in print and electronic media for brand building.
  • Office in Hyderabad with key talent and staffing in place.
  • Engagement with directors and writers for reviewing scripts.
  • Short listing scripts and talent.
  • Executing one film (first copy)

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About us

The GLITTERS Film Academy was founded by DEEPAK BALDEV a decade ago on the route philosophy of “learn to create”, GLITTERS Film Academy is a combination of best industry practices and valuable theoretical study for film makers and actors.

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