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  • Customized workshops

    Personal Coaching

    Glitters Film Academy offers highly personalized programmes in acting/Anchoring & Direction, depending on the requirements of the students. Such programmes are tailored to the needs of the person seeking to enhance their skills.

    Corporate workshops

    Several acting and Direction exercises which are used for opening up one’s personality, building confidence etc are in great demand by management schools and corporates since these skills are essential in the workplace. Glitters Film Academy has put together a package of such life-skills exercises and crafted a workshop which has been widely appreciated by executives.

    Coaching for specific projects

    Many Film and TV producers and directors wish to get their cast trained for specific roles in their films. Yet others want their actors to essay special characters. The trained faculty at Glitters Film Academy undertakes such special coaching assignments for the benefit of actors who are desirous of gaining mastery over their roles.

    Extension workshops

    Glitters Film Academy also conducts specially designed workshops for social and educational organizations across the country, and abroad, who wish to spread the craft of acting and Direction to their constituents. Such workshops have been conducted in Vijaywada,Vizag,Warangal and in many other cities.

  • Children’s Workshop

    The Children’s workshop at Glitters Film Academy follows the ‘Play-way’ style of teaching by engaging them in play-like situations to develop their imagination and creative skills. Children are taught not only to use their minds but also their bodies thereby imparting in them expressive abilities and self-confidence. The workshop aims to train them not only for stage, but for leadership in life as well. These workshops for Acting and Anchoring are for Children of the age group 6 to 14 years.


    At Glitters Film Academy the child is taken through the realms of acting helping them discover their own individuality, weaknesses and strengths. Children also learn to make friends and interact with others around. In the initial sessions they are taken through various exercises which will help them get comfortable with acting. They are also taught, though games and exercises, methods to develop self confidence, indulge in creativity, enhance their imagination, learn to trust in others and develop focus in their actions. Their presentation and oratory skills will also be touched upon helping them to be better speakers.

    No of Sessions:


    Tuition Fee:

    Acting and Anchoring: Click Here

    Only Acting: Click Here

    Per session duration:

    1 hour Anchoring + 1 hours Acting

    Age criteria:

    6-14 years


    Mon, Wed, Fri – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
    Direct Admission. No audition and interviews to be conducted Click Here

  • Weekend Workshop


    The weekend workshop specifically focuses on helping students to discover the actor in them and provides them with a thorough foundation of acting skills with a specific focus in helping them understand the basic techniques involved in developing their acting skills. The weekend workshop is conveniently designed to fit into their weekly schedule by committing the student to classes only on weekends.

    No of Sessions:


    Tuition Fee:

    Acting : Click Here

    Per session duration:

    2 hours Acting

    Age criteria:

    15 years and above


    Saturdays – 10:30am to 12:30pm
    Sundays – 11:00am to 01:00pm
    Direct Admission. No audition and interviews to be conducted Click Here

    Modules include
    Understanding Acting and the Actor

    This includes methods used by any performer in giving the best and most accurate portrayal of a character. Training includes understanding contemporary methodologies and applying it to the art of Acting.

    Basic Body Movements

    Creative body movements are the soul of acting. The movement classes enable the students to become graceful and energetic, be aware of their bodies in respect to the surroundings, gestures, postures which helps the students understand the scenes more efficiently.

    Basics of Voice, Speech and Diction

    Students are taught to identify their own voice and how effectively it can be used during oration with teamed with clarity of language (Diction).

    Acting in front of Camera

    Acting in front of a camera is completely different from stage acting and requires different skills. A good actor must be aware of where to look during a performance, camera position, and camera angles, and actor marks etc.

  • Film Direction Foundation Weekend Workshop
    Who is it for?

    Filmmaking Foundation is a must for new entrants into the film industry, film enthusiasts, and for those who want to make their own films.

    Curious about making drama for the screen?

    Guided by experienced filmmaking professionals, this practical, multi-disciplinary course provides intensive training in the various roles behind the camera. You will experience the collaborative nature of filmmaking, this course is also suitable for individuals with expertise in a specific area of filmmaking who are looking to expand their skillset by gaining an overview of the entire filmmaking process or actors who want to know more about working behind the camera.

    Key Features

    Practical training by practising Film and TV industry professionals with an excellent tutor-to-student ratio.
    Intensive introduction to all key filmmaking disciplines behind the camera including: directing, screenplay, cinematography, editing etc...
    Learn to combine technical skills with visual communication and narrative storytelling.
    Production, including production management and 1st assistant directing. No hidden costs. Course materials are included in course fees


    16 days 8 consecutive weekends – course runs on both days (Saturday and Sunday),


    11:00 – 13:30

    Tuition Fee
    Direct Admission. No interviews to be conducted Click Here

    Training Running Throughout the Year

Note: Content may vary slightly among individual classes.

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The GLITTERS Film Academy was founded by DEEPAK BALDEV a decade ago on the route philosophy of “learn to create”, GLITTERS Film Academy is a combination of best industry practices and valuable theoretical study for film makers and actors.

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